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Family Picnic

Mom woke me up and asked me to help her get the suv loaded up with the cooler, the folding chairs, food, drinks and other nick knacks. After we got everything loaded up, I jumped in the shower to clean up and get ready for my Aunt’s picnic. My Aunt Brenda was really cool, more-so than my Mom, and they happened to be identical twins. My Mother wasn’t a prude by any means, but Aunt Brenda had no problem with me drinking, but as long as I was at her house, safe, and not out running around town being an idiot. Aunt Brenda put together a family picnic/reunion for those of us in the surrounding area and for those that wanted to come that lived out of state. Aunt Brenda put this together once every two or three years so that our family can get together and not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the world around us. Family was very important to all of us and we were all very close and saw one another quite often.

As my Mother and I loaded up and headed to my Aunt’s farm, Mom and I talked about how she and Aunt Brenda used to be party girls and were always in trouble with my Grandparents. She told me how they used to sneak out to meet boys, drink, smoke and “other things”. I tried to get her to elaborate on the “other things”, but she said it wasn’t appropriate for a Mother and Son to have that type of discussion. “Mom, I’m 18 now, I think that I’m able to break your code.” We both chuckled, but I didn’t push the subject. We arrived at my Aunt’s and unloaded the suv and I saw Aunt Brenda about 100 yards away, playing horseshoes with some other family members of ours. She was wearing one of those cowgirl shirts that are tied in the front and her huge tits were begging to be set free from her shirt. To go with her revealing shirt, she was wearing cut off jean shorts with the frilly loose threads at the bottom of them and a pair of cowgirl boots. She turned around and saw my Mother and I and she yelled, very excitedly, ran towards us and gave her sister a big hug and kiss on the lips. You have to understand that our family kisses on the lips, it’s not a sexual thing, that’s just how we’ve all always done it. “AH! It’s so good to see you, Barbara! It seems like it’s been forever!” my Aunt exclaimed. “I know it, sis, it does seem like forever!” replied my Mother. “I see that your ‘girls’ are on full display.” my Mother informed her while bouncing my Aunt’s tits in her hands. They both giggled and my Aunt turned and faced me, looking me up and down and said, “Well, what a good looking, strong young man we have here.” “You better keep your eye on him Barbara, he’s gonna break some hearts. And if he’s anything like his Father, he’s going to destroy a few girls for other guys.” My face turned red and my Mother half glanced at me, embarrassed and apologetically. “Oh, I’m just kidding Jon.” she said, but with a sly wink.

She invited to come on over and say hello to the rest of the family and friends that were there and offered us a drink. Mom grabbed her usual Jack and Diet Coke, while Aunt Brenda asked what’ll I have. I looked at Mom for approval and Mom told me to go ahead, it’s not like I was driving or anything. I asked Aunt Brenda for a Corona, to which she gladly obliged. “Don’t go gettin’ yourself into trouble young man.” my Aunt said jokingly. “How can I get into trouble here?” I asked innocently. “You’d be surprised.” my Aunt replied. “Brenda!” my Mom shouted in shock, but not really looking shocked. For the next couple of hours, I walked around and chatted with my Cousins, extended family, and just watched everyone having a great time. The men began to gather and they got louder and louder. Uncle Joey walked around and informed us all that we were going to play a little football and that all of the men were obligated to play. I didn’t care, I played Wide Receiver on my High School team and I was one of the youngest guys there. These old guys have nothing on me. Lol. We split up into teams and my team was ‘skins’ and the other team was ‘shirts’. I had no shame about my body. I worked out all of the time and all of the running and weight lifting that Coach makes us do keeps us in tip top condition. All of the ladies gathered around and took seats in the wooden bleachers that my Uncle had built a few years back. My team removed our shirts and the women were shouting and yelling, cat calling us guys and gave us a good chuckle.

Just as I thought, these old guys couldn’t keep up with me and my team won, embarrassingly so, over the ‘shirts’. We all walked over to the bleachers to grab our shirts and to wipe down, but I was drenched in sweat and asked my Aunt if she had a towel that I could use to wipe down. “Sure honey, it’s in the house, c’mon, I’ll show you.” We walked up to the main house and she complimented my football skills and made mention that I was in great shape. She even put her hands on my abs and ran her hands back and forth on them and said, “Mmmm. Very nice Nephew, not bad at all.” “Thanks Aunt Brenda. Coach keeps us in shape, you know, lots of cardio and free weights.” She led me up the stairs to the guest bathroom, grabbed a towel out of the linen closet. “Thanks Auntie.” “You’re welcome babe.” As I stood there wiping down, wiping the sweat from my chest and body, I saw my Aunt looking me up and down like a hungry wolf and I was a piece of fresh meat. “You really have grown into a handsome, hard bodied man.” she growled. She stepped towards me, running her index finger down my bare chest, tracing the lines around my muscles. She stepped closer and I heard her smell me and say, “You smell like a man.” My dick began to grow in my tight jeans and it caught her attention. “Oh my…I see where else you’ve become a man.” she seductively snarled. “Am I turning you on, Nephew?” she grabbed a hold of my cock, firmly, as though she were claiming it as hers. She softly pressed her lips against mine, the taste of liquor filled our mouths. She pulled away and asked, “Do you want me to stop honey?” I didn’t say a word, I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face to mine, kissing her hard, deeply, lustfully.

She grabbed my hands and rubbed them all over the outside of her shirt. She untied her shirt, exposing her huge tits and placed my hands back on her tits, slowly using my fingers to caress her nipples. She unbuttoned her shorts and after having to push them down over her fat ass, ,she let them fall to the floor. I was stunned to not only see that she wasn’t wearing panties, but she had no tan lines. She guided my hand between her legs and I felt the warmth and moisture emitting from her cunt. I played with her clit and teased her pussy with my finger, sliding it just on the edge of her pussy lips. She forced her tongue into my mouth as though she were trying to swallow me. My cock was begging to be set free and I wanted it set free. I wanted to fill my Aunt’s cunt with my raging hard-on.

As I reached around and grabbed my Aunt’s ass and squeezed it, hard, I felt two arms around my waist and unbutton my jeans. My jeans were pushed down and my cock set free. My Aunt turned around and bent over the sink counter and I felt light kisses on my neck and back. I turned around to see who was behind me, undressing me and playing with my cock. “MOM!?” “Shhhhhhh.” she said calmly. It’s ok baby, let your Mom and Aunt take care of you. Mom dropped to her knees and lifted my cock, licking my balls and gently sucking them. Every boy dreams of fucking his Mom, but seeing her in front of me, on her knees, pushing her mouth onto my cock, was surreal. Mom sucked my cock, taking it all the way down her throat. I could hear her gagging and gurgling as my cock forced it’s way down her throat. “I’m ready, my turn Barbara.” my Aunt interrupted. Mom held my hips and slowly turned me around. My Aunt’s legs were spread wide and I watched a bead of my Aunt’s cum swing from her pussy down to the counter. My Mom quickly placed her head under my Aunt’s pussy and lapped up Aunt Brenda’s cum string all the way up to her pussy and began to passionately kiss my Aunt’s pussy.

I noticed that my Mom was completely nude as well and she and my Aunt had the same figure, the same tits, no tan lines and her pussy was almost completely shaved, except for an upside down triangle pointing to her pussy. Mom reached out, grabbed my cock and began to stroke me. She stood up, stood behind me and slowly guided me closer to my Aunt’s awaiting cunt. Mom grabbed my cock, rubbed it around my Aunt’s pussy and my Aunt pushed her ass towards me, feeding my cock to her dripping cunt. Mom  held my hips and pushed me into my Aunt’s ass and my cock buried deep in her. My Aunt slammed a hand down on the counter, half from pleasure and half from pain. “You ARE just like your Father! Such a nice, fat cock.” my Aunt exclaimed. My Aunt placed her hands against the wall to brace her body as I fucked her hard, so hard that my stomach made her ass red from slapping together. I could see her tits swinging back and forth with my hard strokes and my cock felt numb, it was harder than it’d ever been. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” My Aunt murmured. Mom reached around and vigorously began rubbing her sister’s clit while I drilled her from behind. “OH! OH!  YES! YES!” my Aunt shouted. My cock became completely covered in my Aunt’s thick, white, creamy pussy juices. She promptly turned around and cleaned up her ‘mess’.

My Aunt began stroking and sucking my cock, my Mother lifted herself onto the counter, on all fours, ass facing me. I leaned in and licked my Mother’s cunt and it tasted just like my Aunt’s cunt. My Aunt continued to blow me while I ate my Mother’s pussy and easily slid two fingers inside of my Mother’s cunt. My Aunt reached around, grabbed my butt with both of her hands and pulled my body all the way into her, forcing my cock down her throat. I reached over and flicked my Mother’s clit with my thumb….I was about to cum and I was going to cum hard. “I’m about to…..cum…..I’m going to cum hard.” I told my Aunt. When my Mom heard this, she got down from the counter and joined my Aunt on the floor, both on their knees. My Mom and I locked eyes and she smiled at me, licked her lips and then opened her mouth patiently. Mom grabbed my cock out of my Aunt’s mouth and forced it into hers and she kept pace with my Aunt. They shared my cock, pushing it between their kissing lips. My body tensed up and legs began to shake. “Here it comes!” I shouted. Aunt Brenda squeezed my balls and gently pulled my ball sack while my Mother popped my cock out of her mouth, still jerking me off, and I started shooting loads of hot cum. My Mom directed my load to her tits and then to my Aunt’s tits. It felt like I came for an eternity. Mom slowly squeezed my cock, pulling it forward, trying to drain the last little bit of cum from my cock. I watched, exhausted as my Mother and Aunt licked my cum off of one another’s tits and then locked lips and I watched their tongues sharing my cum before they both swallowed.

My Mom turned the shower on, pulled the shower curtain back for me to step inside and they both followed me into the shower and then they began to slowly wash and clean me from my head to my toes. My Mother cleaned my ‘front’ while my Aunt cleaned by ‘back’. I instantly got hard again and my Mother just smiled and said, “Well that was quick baby. You must like the way your Aunt and I took care of you.” My Aunt replied before I could say anything, “Yes, we’ll have to plan more together time for you, your Mother and I. Would you like that Nephew?” “You have no idea, Aunt Brenda. I can’t wait.” I admitted. “That’s my boy.” my Mom said as she began to soap up my chest and cock. “Your Mother and I will really show you some fun next time, I promise.”

3 Responses to “Family Picnic”

  1.   shaunrydertop Says:

    So so hot, your mum and aunty are the best ever in the world on my opinion x

  2.   Nick Smith Says:

    Loved your story. I have had the hots for my mom since I was a teen.
    Lots of fantasies about her as well as some real time with her.

  3.   Bill Bernhard Says:

    Awesome story. Very sexy.

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