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Hi everyone. My blog is about fantasy incest sex stories, MILFS, teacher/student sex and other sex stories that I have written and have not copied nor stolen from any other sites. Anything created or written here is my work and I do not allow anyone to use, copy or pass off as their own work. Whether or not you are into fantasy incest sex stories, please be respectful to myself and those that  read and/or comment on my stories. If you do not like the content, please feel free to leave, your negativity is not needed nor wanted here.

-Thunder Donkey

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  1.   Goodgirl Emily Says:

    Sounds fun

  2.   J Tucker Says:

    Love the idea. Hope to read some true stories. Here is one:

    One night I stopped in at the MT Bottle in Murfreesboro. It’s a biker bar and it was on the way home for me. I was going to have a beer or two and go home.
    Then I spotted Karen. She was sitting in the back part of the bar. She is a good friend of mine and a single mother. I went to her table and asked if I could join her. As soon as she said, “Yes,” I knew that she was already drunk. Now when Karen gets drunk, she is likely to tell you anything. Most of the time, things that you really don’t want to hear. We talked generalities for a while and the more she drank, the more somber she became. After a while she asked me what I thought of her. I told her that she was my friend and I thought a lot of her. Then she said, “Do you know that I’m a slut?” I said, “No you’re not,” not saying that I wish she were as I am a great lover of sluts. She said, “I’m going to tell you something that will make you hate me,” as tears welled up in her eyes. “I couldn’t hate you,” I told her. “You want to go outside?”
    The bar was filling up and a band was sitting up so we wouldn’t be able to talk soon, anyway. We got another beer and went outside. We found a place to the back side of the place and I told her she could tell me anything.
    She said,”What if I told you that I used to give hand jobs to my own son?” I told her that she must have had a good reason and,yes, it suprises me but doesn’t really shock me. She asked me if I remembered when he burnt his hands and I said that I did but that was years ago. I think he was about fourteen at the time. He has tripped and caught himself on a hot grill at Old Fort Park in M’Boro. He had bandages on his hands for about a week and couldn’t use them for a couple of weeks.
    Now she was crying and said,”Yes. I had to do everything for him. Dress him, take him to the bathroom, wipe his butt, help him pee, bath him and everything. It was OK for a couple of days but, when I started to ween him from the pain medication, then I noticed that he would start to stiffen when I helped him pee. The next day he got totally hard. I told him that it was OK and I would look away until he was able to pee. I had to hold it downward so he would hit the toilet and I guess that made it harder to pee. I told him that after he was through, I’d leave him alone and he could take care of it. He held up his bandaged hands and said,”How.” He had tears in his eyes and I felt very bad. I told him that we would do something after he peed. When he finally finished, I put him to bed. He was still stiff. I pulled his underwear down, put a pillow on it holding it to his stomach. I pressed on the pillow and told him to go ahead and move his hips. I looked away as to try to give him as much privacy as possible. He humped the pillow for a few seconds and then pushed his hips up and kept them up for a few seconds. I knew he was finishing. When he was finished, I got a wet cloth and cleaned him and got him another pillow. After a few days of this, I finally decided that it would be best to just go ahead and relieve him at bath time. We were both over the embarrassment by now and it was a whole lot less messy in the tub. And it didn’t take but a few strokes to finish him. After a few weeks, he was able to take care of himself. I told him that he could take care of himself now. He did seem to be disappointed, but that was the end of it. Am I a terrible person?” I said,” Of course not. And I think you are a great mother. There are not many women who would do what you did for your son. Most would have let him suffer.'” I didn’t tell her how excited she had made me. She started crying again and I held her.
    By this time she was commode hugging drunk. She lives in Shelbyville so I knew that she wouldn’t make it home. I told her that she would stay at my house tonight, as I just live a couple of miles away. I usually sleep on the couch on weekends anyway and I’ll bring bring you back to get your car in the morning.
    When we got to my house she was as close to being passes out as you can get and still be awake. I got her into the house and in the bed room. I laid her down, got her undressed and covered her up. No, I did not take advantage of her. I admit to being a pervert but I like my women to be willing or at least conscious enough to make a decision. Now, admittedly, I may have “Accidentally” touched a few body parts while putting her to bed but that was unavoidable.
    The next morning, she wouldn’t even look at me. She said that she remembered a lot of what she told me and to please not hate her. I, again, told her that I thought that it was great that she relieved her sons suffering like she did. It showed how much she loved him. She seemed to feel a little better other than the hangover.
    Later, I took her to get her car.

  3.   Jan Says:

    JH you are an angel.

  4.   John sweeny Says:

    Great story

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